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  • Where do you source your wood?
    We buy our wood direct from a saw mill/distributor in Springdale, Arkansas. For boards and blocks, we will buy at least #1 Common S1S or S2S and finish the lumber ourselves onsite. For furniture, we will buy at least Select S1S or S2S and again finish ourselves (we will always source the right quality wood, as specified by the customer). Per our saw mill/distributor, our typical wood species come from the following areas: Northern Hard Maple - Northern Midwest and Canada Walnut - Missouri, Iowa, Indiana Western Red Alder - Pacific Northwest Appalachian Red Oak - Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York
  • How should I care for my blocks and boards?
    With proper care, your product should last a lifetime. After each use, wipe your board or block down with a soapy cloth and rise with hit water. Dry immediately with a soft towel or place on its edge to air dry. Avoid submerging your board or block in water and using abrasive scrub pads. Never put your board or block in the dishwasher, IT IS NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. You can disinfect your board using a mixture of white vinegar and water or diluted chlorine bleach. For white vinegar, dilute one part white vinegar to five parts water. For bleach, dilute one teaspoon of chlorine bleach to one quart of water. Rinse your board thoroughly afterwards. Once a month, or more often for heavy use, refresh your board or block with a healthy coat of high quality mineral oil.
  • What types of wood do you use?
    For the kitchen, we mainly use Hard Maple and Walnut. Both types, or species, are pretty hard for domestic varieties (Google Janka Scale), which is good for your knives and cleavers. Both also have closed grain structures, which means they will better maintain their appearance and finish as you care for them over time. For furniture, the world is your oyster. We prefer to work with Alder, Oak, and Poplar, but we have also been known to dabble in Walnut and Cedar. Ultimately, what matters is what you want for your creation and we are happy to bounce ideas around with you.
  • Are your blocks and boards food-safe?
    Great question! In the kitchen, we only use Hard Maple and Walnut in our creations. Both are known food-safe woods and also have very low rates of allergic reactions (yes, you can be allergic to wood). We use a glue that is waterproof and is FDA-approved for indirect food contact. For finishing, we use a two-step process consisting of food-grade mineral oil and natural beeswax. You won't find us using petroleum-based stains, finishes, or epoxies in/on anything you trust to touch your food!
  • What kind of furniture do you make?
    What do you have in mind? We enjoy creative challenges and unique outcomes. Let's chat about your ideas and figure out how we can make them come to life!
  • Why do I need to email you to order?
    We are constantly working to enhance our site experience and hope to have a store front up soon, but for now email is the easiest way for us to make sure you get the products you want.
  • What is your typical order turn around time?
    For orders where we have product in stock, we will ship the next business day. For custom orders or items produced to order, typically we require a two week lead time. As always, email us with questions!
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